Jen aka Relentless Harpy aka Merciless Shrew (gwyndolyn) wrote in triedit,
Jen aka Relentless Harpy aka Merciless Shrew

Movie/Cleaning product

I saw Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire last night. It was ok, but they really butchered it. I'd say stick with the book. It's about 1000xs better.

I love that new Pledge multi-surface stuff. It cleans well and goes from surface to surface so I don't have to lug out 6 different bottles of cleaning junk. Non-streaky on glass, non-drying on wood.
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I saw the other Harry Potter movies, but I don't think I've seen that one. Yet. That is the most recent, right? It's been over a year since I've read the books, but I know the books have always been much more detailed than the movies.

I haven't tried the new pledge. Is it a spray bottle type?

(And THANK YOU for joining!)
Yes, it's the most recent. We took the kids to see it at the Danbarry last night. The book is great, the movie...not so much.

Yep, the new Pledge is in a spray bottle. I especially like it because I have wooden tables with glass tops and I don't have to clean them separately now, I can just spray the whole thing down and wipe it.

You're welcome :)
I haven't seen the new potter movie. We usually wait until they are out on dvd, preview them and then let the kids watch them (usually...sometimes I fast forward parts). I love, love, the books and have thought the movies were OK.
Well, we waited til it got to the $2.50 theater, so we could all 4 see it for a grand total of $10 LOL. We don't preview (or even censor) movies for our kids, so we don't worry about that part. The books are great, the movies ok until this one, but GoF is really cut up pretty badly.
I wondered how they would do that whole book without totally butchering it... They did better than I expected. I still think they should have made it into 2 different movies.
Yeah, but they are already way behind with the movies. I saw GoF and had the same reaction I had with the Amityville Horrir remake- kind of like 'wtf just happened? What did they DO!?' Heheh