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Clorox Toilet Wands

Okay, here's my first post. It's cleaning day, so don't be surprised that it's about a cleaning product.

Clorox Toilet Wands.

I purchased these at Sam's club. The box has both the wand as well as 30 disposable heads. The box is pretty big and bulky, so it's a little hard to store in my little bathroom closet. I've decided to throw the box out and keep the remainders.

As for the wand itself, I wish it had some way to hang it. Instead, it's just sort of propped against the wall in the side of the closet.

The disposable heads are easy to click on and off. I'm not overly crazy about the design of these heads. They don't seem to clean well underneath the rim of the toilet bowl. There is "cleaner" in each disposable head so another cleaning product is not needed.

Overall, I'd rate this product a 6-7 out of 10.
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