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Shower Cleaner

I work long hours during the week so little cleaning gets done other than small, easy chores like wiping down the counters. That leaves the weekend to get the rest of the jobs done. I am constantly on the look out for products that will shorten my cleaning time during my heavy duty weekend cleaning.

I had heard about the new Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner but did not want to drop the $26 or so dollars most stores were wanting for the start up kit. I finally found it last weekend about ten dollars cheaper than that. Add my $5 coupon and I purchased one.

This kit contains:
. One sprayer
. Two bottles of cleaner
. Four AA batteries
. One hanger for your shower head

From what I have heard advertised, it would keep my already clean shower clean. If the shower is dirty it will be clean within 2 weeks. Some simple assembly is required although I somehow managed to spill some of the cleaner trying to get it into the sprayer. I then hooked it on my shower rod.

Here is how it is supposed to work:
After you have finished in the shower, you get out, press the button on the sprayer. The sprayer gives 15 seconds worth of warning beeps and then sprays the cleaner 360 degrees around your shower.

The first morning I pressed the button. I listened to the 15 second warning beeps. I then jumped because of the god awful grinding noise the sprayer makes while rotating. A very thin stream of cleaner hits the walls approximately six times (as of when I counted this morning.) I believe the cleaner is supposed to drip down the walls but the small amount of spray I noticed on the back walls did not seem to do anything at all. I have used the sprayer for about a week now and have noticed little to no change. The shower and tub had been cleaned the day before I started using the Scrubbing Bubbles kit, but I still feel that I need to manually scrub the shower and tub this week.

I will continue to use the sprayer to monitor if the long term cleaning power. My apartment is especially damp because I am in the basement and I hope it will help combat the mold/mildew.

My initial opinion of the Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic has been poor but I will give it a few more weeks to change my mind.

I do have another $5 coupon if I have convinced you to run out and purchase one for yourself.
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