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Prior to moving into this apartment, I had my phone, cable and internet through Time Warner Cable (Roadrunner.)

While I was preparing to move in here, I learned that the apartment complex was currently in a contract with another cable company and until the expiration of that contract, I was unable to get any Time Warner Services. I then switched my internet and phone to Cincinnati Bell and have since added their wireless option too.

I haven't had any issues with the phone. I rarely use the cell phone, but really haven't discovered any issues with it either. Yet. I am very unhappy with my internet connection.

Sometimes it takes me twenty tries to get to a website. Any website. It took me ten attempts to post a LJ comment earlier today. I could understand this a little more if the poor connection occurred after my computer had been "idle" for a long period of time. But that is rarely the case. It happens more often when I have actively been looking for something online. This doesn't just happen monthly or weekly. It is a frequent problem.

I wonder if this is a common Zoomtown issue or if this is something more specific to my situation for some reason. I pretty much had no internet access from 6:30 this morning until just now.

I think this frustrates me so much because I'm not online that often and when I am looking for information, I'd like to find it quickly. And for the price I'm paying to be online ALL the time, it'd be nice to have that service.

Does anyone else have any experience with anything like this?
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